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“I hope this momentum will carry on, that we can raise more (funds) for good causes, for cancer patients, care givers as well as grooming a new generation of gracious and safe cyclists”

Mr Baey Yam Keng Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Transport Cheque Presentation Ceremony and Sports Hub Sports Series #4, 21 Aug 2022

Thank You !

The Singapore Cycling Federation’s first ever fund-raising campaign, Cycle For Hope, spanning the period from 9 July to 21 August 2022, was a resounding success.



A total of $257,676.00 was raised in the form of donations from corporates and individuals – of this amount, $171,019.80 has been channelled to the Singapore Cancer Society, for cancer patients and their families in their fight against cancer. The Campaign was also intended to raise awareness about cancer, especially breast and lung cancer being the highest in Singapore for women and men and for the development of SCF’s BMX Track and related high performance programmes. 

Special thanks go out to

Ivan Por

of BPR Cycling Club

Who raised $3,547.53 during the period of Cycling Challenge which took place between 9 July and 21 August 2022.

Other notable contributors include:

· Irene Seah, Bike4Life who raised $3,209.00

· Lian Kuang, Team Health Keepers who raised $3,100.00

· Yong Liang Mun who raised $3,087.62

· George Lim who raised $3,040

· Lim Chwee Teck, Cancer Busters who raised $2,170.00

· Elliot Leong who raised $1,000.00

And the list goes on and on……………..

· BPR Cycling Club which collectively raised $21,274.20

· Majulah BMX which collectively raised $5,803.03

· Team Health Keepers which collectively raised $4,4569.99

· West Coast Riders which collectively raised $3,914.98

· Pedal Party which raised $3,850.00

And the list goes on and on……………..




Not forgetting, SCF’s Corporate Sponsors:

“SCF will remain committed to developing & delivering sporting excellence and will endeavour to organise more initiatives that would benefit our cycling community,”

said Dr Hing Siong Chen, on 21 Aug 2022.

Encouraged by the unprecedented and overwhelming support by the cycling community and the many corporate donors and sponsors, the SCF will continue on the positive momentum from 2022 to launch the 2023 edition of Cycle For Hope in early May 2023………………..keep a lookout for this and we hope that the cycling community can again come forward to support the SCF and its main beneficiary, the Singapore Cancer Society.

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